Summer Camp Monitoring
In the state of Georgia, summer camps are required to have either a license or an exemption letter. Camps that are part of a child care learning center are licensed and monitored along with the center's other programs. An exemption letter allows a camp to operate without regular monitoring by the state if it meets certain criteria. Many summer camps are exempt in Georgia because they serve children five years and older and are recreational or are accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA) or other national standard-setting agency or church camp accreditation programs which must provide standards equivalent to the ACA standards.

Without regular monitoring and health & safety standards to follow, your child may be at greater risk of harm. If an ACA Accredited summer camp isn't available, please go to our Summer Camp Checklist to help guide you finding a camp that practices basic health and safety standards.

Summer camps outside the state of Georgia have been included according to the convenience of their location. Programs outside of the state of Georgia must abide by regulations of their respective state. Use the following contacts to get licensing information and/or oversight of summer programs if applicable.

Bright from the Start Department of Early Care and Learning
404-463-0703 or 404-463-0704

Alabama Department of Human Resources Child Care Services Division

Florida Department of Children and Families

South Carolina
South Carolina Child Care Licensing and Regulatory Services

Tennessee Department of Human Services

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