Each type of child care financial assistance has different qualifications, like income level, employment status, or residency, so make sure you get all the facts. Some options are:

Subsidized Child Care
The Childcare and Parent Services (CAPS) program is operated by the Department of Family and Children Services and helps very low income families afford quality child care. The program is available in all 159 counties statewide, and is based on the availability of funding. Subsidized care is available for children with ages ranging from birth to 13. This can be extended to age 18 if the child has special needs.

Apply online at or contact the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) in the county where you live. A staff member at the county DFCS office will know if funds are available to serve additional families and can describe the program requirements. All eligible families are served as long as funds are available.

Other Financial Discounts
Some camp programs offer scholarships, income based sliding scale fees, or multi child discounts.

A sample of camps that offer discounts may be Parks and Recreation Departments, YMCA’s, church groups, colleges or schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, civic groups or licensed child care centers.

Family, Friend and Neighbor Care
In difficult times, many parents seek care alternative care options from family, friends and neighbors. In the state of Georgia, a person may care for a limit of 2 children for pay without registering with the state. Quality Care for Children does not provide referrals for this type of care. We advise all parents who choose this type of care to use extreme caution and use the Summer Camp Checklist as guide

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